World Wide Web

World Wide Web,

How To Define World Wide Web?

  • World Wide Web can be defined as, Also known as the WWW Web, a computer network system that connects documents via a hypertext code and provides access to information on the Internet.

Literal Meanings of World Wide Web


Meanings of World:
  1. The earth and all its countries, peoples and natural resources.

  2. A region or group of countries.

  3. Human and social interaction.

Sentences of World
  1. He is doing his part to save the world

  2. English speaking world

  3. Almost completely removed from the world

Synonyms of World

earth, globe, planet, sphere, society, high society


Meanings of Wide:
  1. Average width or width.

  2. Includes all kinds of people or things.

  3. Distance or substantially from a point or signal.

  4. Another term for negligence

  5. as usually.

  6. Away from a particular point or a particular brand.

  7. A ball is considered too wide for a batsman to play. That is why the batsman is complementary.

Sentences of Wide
  1. Wide road

  2. Different opinions

  3. The body that was sacrificed was several inches wide.

  4. Her eyes were open

  5. Paused shot on the right

  6. Glynaut immediately lost control, the next ball hitting his foot in four directions.

Synonyms of Wide

broad, extensive, spacious, open, vast, spread out, outspread, comprehensive, ample, large, large-scale, immense, far-ranging, wide-ranging, expansive, sweeping, encyclopedic, exhaustive, general, all-inclusive, all-embracing, universal, catholic, compendious, cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, off target, off the mark


Meanings of Web:
  1. A web of fine threads made by a spider with liquid that is pulled out of its ranks and used to catch its prey.

  2. A complex system of interconnected elements.

  3. Hoe between the legs of swimming birds or other aquatic animals.

  4. Roll of paper used in continuous printing process.

  5. A piece of clothing

  6. Cover it with or with canvas.

Sentences of Web
  1. Nelson says that although many spiders have relatively poor eyesight, people who use the webs to catch their prey do not need to look deep. The jumping spider is an exception.

  2. Trapped in a bureaucratic network

  3. Then, when the duck pulls its legs forward and joins its toes, the tarp folds, reducing water resistance.

  4. For example, suppose a sheet of paper is approximately 66 feet wide and moving at a speed of thousands of feet per minute.

  5. Each woman made her own clothes and washed them herself, and the price did not exceed two shillings per meter, and almost all wore these clothes.

Synonyms of Web

mesh, netting, net, lattice, network, nexus, tangle, knot, complex, mass, conglomeration, set, series, chain, maze, snare, trap