What is Worksheet?

  • The type of working document that will be used as a step before preparing a financial report.

Meanings of Worksheet

  1. Documents containing a list of questions or assignments for students.

  2. A sheet of paper to record work in progress or progress.

Sentences of Worksheet

  1. She usually works as a volunteer while studying odd jobs and in the office, such as tearing up papers, copying student worksheets and arranging teacher emails.

  2. According to the agreement between the contractor and the execution contractor, the contractor must submit an invoice based on a prepayment spreadsheet.

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Worksheet Definition:

Worksheet means, The type of working document that will be used as a step before preparing an annual financial statement.

Meanings of Worksheet

  1. A document with a list of students' questions or tasks.

  2. Documents to record work done or ongoing.