Definition of Workout:

  1. A session of vigorous physical exercise or training.

  2. The strategy in which a borrower negotiates with a lender to attempt to restructure the borrowers debt rather than go through the foreclosure proceedings.

Synonyms of Workout

Athletics, Audition, Bench test, Breather, Calisthenics, Constitutional, Daily dozen, Drill, Dry run, Exercise, Exercising, Flight test, Gymnastic exercises, Gymnastics, Hearing, Isometrics, Physical education, Physical jerks, Pilot plan, Practical test, Practice, Rehearsal, Road test, Setting-up exercises, Shakedown, Shakedown cruise, Stretch, Test flight, Test run, Trial run, Tryout, Yoga, Exercise session, Keep-fit session, Physical training session, Drill

How to use Workout in a sentence?

  1. John does daily workouts in the gym.

Meaning of Workout & Workout Definition

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