Definition of Working:

  1. The way in which a machine, organization, or system operates.

  2. A temporary status denoting that something is in transition. For example, a working paper is a paper that is in its draft form and is expected to become a final draft in the future.

  3. A mine or a part of a mine from which minerals are being extracted.

  4. To be actively engaged in an activity or activities in exchange for something of value. For example, a businessperson who is working on a project does so in exchange for a weekly salary. Additionally, a salesperson who is working with a client attempts to sell his or her companys product to the client in exchange for a salary or commission from the salespersons company.

  5. (of a theory, definition, or title) used as the basis for work or argument and likely to be developed, adapted, or improved later.

  6. Having paid employment.

  7. The action of doing work.

  8. State of being which denotes functionality or capability for functionality. For example, a working machine means that a machine is sufficiently operational or is currently being operated.

  9. Functioning or able to function.

Synonyms of Working

Functioning, Operating, Going, Running, Active, Temporary, Provisional, Interim, Pro tem, Short-term, Working, Makeshift, Improvised, Emergency, Impromptu, Rough and ready, Functioning, Operation, Running, Action, Performance, Accomplishment, Acetification, Acidification, Acidulation, Act, Acting, Action, Active, Activism, Activity, Agency, Alive, Alkalization, Answer, Ascertainment, At it, At work, Banausic, Barmy, Behavior, Behavioral, Breadwinning, Businesslike, Busy, Carbonation, Catalysis, Chemicalization, Clearing up, Commercial, Conduct, Contour plowing, Cracking, Cultivating, Cultivation, Culture, Decipherment, Decoding, Denouement, Determination, Diastatic, Direction, Disentanglement, Doing, Dressing, Driving, Drudging, Dynamic, Electrolysis, Employed, Employment, End, End result, Engaged, Enzymic, Execution, Exercise, Explanation, Exploitation, Fallowing, Ferment, Fermentation, Fermenting, Finding, Finding-out, Full of business, Function, Functional, Functioning, Furrowing, Going, Going on, Grinding, Grubbing, Handling, Hard at it, Hard at work, Hardworking, Harrowing, Hoeing, Hydrogenation, In exercise, In force, In hand, In harness, In operation, In play, In practice, In process, In the works, Inaction, Interpretation, Isomerism, Issue, Laboring, Leavening, Listing, Live, Management, Manipulation, Materialistic, Metamerism, Metamerization, Moneymaking, Movements, Nitration, Occupation, Occupied, On duty, On foot, On the fire, On the go, On the hop, On the job, On the jump, On the move, On the run, Ongoing, Operancy, Operating, Operation, Operational, Operations, Operative, Outcome, Oxidation, Oxidization, Pegging, Performance, Performing, Phosphatization, Play, Plodding, Plowing, Plugging, Polymerism, Polymerization, Position isomerism, Practical, Practice, Practicing, Praxis, Prosaic, Pruning, Raising, Realistic, Reason, Reduction, Resolution, Resolving, Responsibility, Result, Riddling, Running, Saturization, Serving, Slaving, Slogging, Solution, Solving, Sorting out, Steering, Straining, Striving, Struggling, Sweating, Swing, Thinning, Tied up, Tilling, Toiling, Unraveling, Unriddling, Unscrambling, Unspinning, Untangling, Untwisting, Unweaving, Upshot, Using, Utilitarian, Utilization, Weeding, Work, Workaday, Workday, Working-out, Workings, Yeasty, Employed, In work, In a job, Waged, In gainful employment

How to use Working in a sentence?

  1. Unbeknownst to them, the dam was constructed over five disused mine shafts, which led into the underground workings of an old mine.
  2. The size of the working population.
  3. Maybe something to do with social work or working for an aid organisation overseas.
  4. We will be less secretive about the workings of government.
  5. The mill still has a working waterwheel.
  6. The working hypothesis is tested and refined through discussion.

Meaning of Working & Working Definition