Working Tax Credit (WTC)

Working Tax Credit (WTC),

Definition of Working Tax Credit (WTC):

Working Tax Credit (WTC) means: The Employment Tax Credit (WTC) is a government benefit for people living and working in the UK and for low-income people. It was introduced in April 2003 as a proven benefit, a key element of the British welfare state. Capability-tested benefits are offered to people who can show that their income and assets are below a certain threshold.

  • The Employment Tax Credit (WTC) is a government benefit for people living and working in the UK and for low-income people.
  • The Labor Tax Credit (WTC) was introduced in April 2003.
  • Income tax deductions are available for children aged 16 to 24 or for people with disabilities. People over the age of 25 do not need children to be eligible.
  • Candidates should work well depending on the age of the candidate and work at least hours per week.

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