Working Papers

Working Papers,

Working Papers: What is the Meaning of Working Papers?

  • (1) Records are maintained by the ADITOR of the method used by the editor, the information tested and the relevant results. (2) All documents prepared by a certified public computer (CPA) during the audit.

Literal Meanings of Working Papers


Meanings of Working:
  1. Have a paid job.

  2. Walk or you can walk.

  3. (From theory, definition or title) used as the basis of a paper or argument and is likely to be prepared, adapted or improved.

  4. Action works.

  5. How a machine, organization, or system works.

  6. The part of mine or mine where minerals are extracted.

Sentences of Working
  1. Manpower size

  2. The factory still has a working water wheel

  3. Working assumptions are tested and refined through discussion

  4. Working with animals teaches patience

  5. We will maintain the confidentiality of government affairs

  6. Modern mine in the old construction site

Synonyms of Working

improvised, temporary, active, working, performance, short-term, operating, operation, employed, waged, in gainful employment, in work, action, impromptu, rough and ready, interim, running, in a job, makeshift, emergency, going, pro tem, provisional, functioning


Meanings of Papers:
  1. Material made of thin sheets of wood pulp or other fibrous material used for writing, drawing, printing or as packaging material.

  2. A sheet of paper with something written or printed on it.

  3. A series of exam questions that must be answered in one session.

  4. Reading an article or dissertation, especially at an academic conference or seminar, or publishing it in an educational journal.

  5. Free admission to the theater or other entertainment.

  6. Apply wallpaper (wall or room)

  7. (Theater) End and give free tickets.

Sentences of Papers
  1. Paper sheet

  2. Addresses through papers on your desk

  3. We have to sit on the record for three hours

  4. Published a very original article on pattern formation

  5. The walls are covered with district streams

Synonyms of Papers

exegesis, work, ticket, disquisition, analysis, notepaper, composition, sheet, piece of paper, treatise, wallpaper, note, critique, thesis, report, slip, pass, discourse, piece of writing, article, dissertation, line, writing paper, hang wallpaper on, monograph