Working Hours

Working Hours,

Working Hours means,

  • You can define Working Hours as, Establish regular schedule for government affairs by an official.

Literal Meanings of Working Hours


Meanings of Working:
  1. Work to work

  2. Machine, organization or plant function.

  3. An ear or a part of an ear from which minerals are extracted.

  4. Have a paid job.

  5. It can be run.

  6. (Of a theory, definition or title) on which a work or argument is based and which is likely to be developed, adapted or improved.

Sentences of Working
  1. Working with animals teaches patience

  2. We rarely hide how the government works

  3. Modern mine in an old construction site

  4. Manpower size

  5. There is still a waterwheel working in the factory

  6. Working assumptions are tested and refined through discussion.

Synonyms of Working

active, operation, interim, operating, employed, provisional, running, emergency, working, action, improvised, in gainful employment, functioning, waged, in work, temporary, performance, short-term, in a job, rough and ready, makeshift, impromptu, pro tem, going


Meanings of Hours:
  1. The duration of time is equal to one twenty-four days and one night, which is divided into 60 minutes.

  2. The time of day, expressed as the correct number of hours, begins at midnight or noon.

  3. A specific time period for an activity, such as B. work, building use, etc.

  4. (In the Western (Latin) Church) Short psalms and prayer services at certain times of the day, especially in religious classes.

  5. 15 ° Longitude or right increment (twentieth of a circle).

Sentences of Hours
  1. An extra hour of daylight on a winter night

  2. The clock in the room showed the time

  3. Dinner time

  4. Prayer life organized with life times

  5. Everything in the same circle of hours has the same height, just as the earth has the same latitude on all dimensions.

Synonyms of Hours

early life, teenage years, preadolescence, boyhood, point in time, time, childhood, moment, young days, minute, second, girlhood, early years, hour, teens, moment in time, adolescence, young adulthood