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Definition of Working control:

  1. Working control exists when a minority shareholder or multiple minority shareholders unite to take a controlling interest in a corporation. The opportunity for minority shareholders to gain this control is exhibited in corporations where there is no dominant majority (greater than 50%) shareholder. While there are no official benchmarks for defining working control, 20% ownership is often considered large enough to exhibit this level of influence. In this case, companies must list the individual investors with working control on their financial statements. .

  2. Effective control of a firm by a minority shareholder (with less than 50 percent ownership) working in concert with one or more other minority shareholders.

  3. Working control is a situation wherein a minority shareholder or shareholders have enough voting power to influence or determine corporate policy. This exists in corporations with widely dispersed share ownership where no single individual has a majority interest, meaning ownership of 51% or more of the voting shares. An individual shareholder with a 20% stake in a company often controls a large enough position to have working control. Other times, it requires a group of shareholders working in concert to take control. .

  4. Ownership of 51% of a firms voting shares.

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Working Control,

What Does Working Control Mean?

  • Labor control is a situation in which one or more minority shareholders have considerable voting rights to influence or determine company policy. This is done in ordinary companies in which no individual has a controlling interest, ie 51% or more voting rights. A shareholder with a 20% stake in a company usually controls a position large enough to control the work. In other cases, a group of shareholders must work together to gain control.

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