Definition of Workgroup:

  1. Two or more individuals who routinely function like a team, are interdependent in achievement of a common goal, and may or may not work next to one another or in the same department.

  2. A group within a workforce that normally works together.

How to use Workgroup in a sentence?

  1. Our workgroup has been doing extremely well since the addition of John, our sales have increased by over fifty percent and morale is at an all time high!.
  2. Our workgroup worked really well together and it was totally a surprise to me because we were all so different.
  3. You should always try to make sure you get along well with the people in your workgroup to increase the productivity.
  4. Victims were generally located within the main work group and sometimes identified as ‘stars’ who received the most nominations from fellow team members as preferred people to work with.

Meaning of Workgroup & Workgroup Definition