Definition of Workforce:

  1. The total number of employees on the employer's salary (usually excluding management).

  2. Individuals to work or available jobs in a country or region, or in a specific company or sector.

  3. In a country where the armed forces and the civilian profession are working, there are people in general as well as the unemployed who are really looking for paid jobs.

Synonyms of Workforce

Staff, Personnel, Employees, Human resources

How to use Workforce in a sentence?

  1. A quarter of the workers in the Galway industry will be laid off.
  2. When you have a good, solid workforce behind you, your job becomes much easier knowing that not everything is on your shoulders.
  3. I'm just waiting to leave school so I can work and start my life.
  4. The workforce is growing rapidly in developing countries due to the jobs created by US foreign aid.

Meaning of Workforce & Workforce Definition

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