Workers' compensation

Workers compensation,

Definition of Workers compensation:

  1. The law provides for financial compensation to injured workers at work.

  2. The financial assistance system must provide income, medical care and rehabilitation to workers in the event of illness, injury or death as a result, and during their administration, whether the worker is guilty or not. These benefits are legally available to workers (or their dependents) and employers have no legal defense available. The amount paid as compensation depends on the salary of the employees (in some countries also the number of dependents) and is usually subject to a fixed maximum amount. This system is mandatory in most countries, although agricultural and domestic workers are generally excluded. Also known as employee compensation.

How to use Workers compensation in a sentence?

  1. After Jacques was injured on the job, workers' compensation paid him to pay his bills when he could not move, which took several months.
  2. My friend was seriously injured at work and was hired to hire a lawyer.
  3. When Joe has a back injury at work and needs to be out of work, he helps pay the bills with workers' compensation.
  4. Employee compensation schemes have been introduced, which guarantee compensation to employees regardless of whether the employer is at fault or not.

Meaning of Workers compensation & Workers compensation Definition