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Work Ticket,

How Do You Define Work Ticket?

A work order is a form that indicates that an employee has spent time on a particular task. It serves as the basis for direct settlement of labor costs for consumers and can also be used to calculate employees' working hours. In the context of working employee hourly calculations, work orders, also known as stamp cards or time sheets, are most commonly used. The term work order can also be used to record the hours spent on a particular worker's work.

Literal Meanings of Work Ticket


Meanings of Work:
  1. Activities that involve physical or mental effort to achieve a goal or outcome.

  2. The act or work of completing something or something

  3. Do something

  4. Location or field for industrial activities, usually manufacturing.

  5. Check the control unit or other machine.

  6. A defense structure

  7. Using a force that is excessive or causes a molecular shift.

  8. Everything that is needed, wanted or expected.

  9. Engage in any physical or mental activity to get work results.

  10. Any function or function (of a machine or system), especially accurate or efficient.

  11. (Plan or procedure) has the desired result or effect.

  12. Bring a hammer, glue or other means to bring the desired shape or consistency (component or mixture).

  13. They cause you to move slowly or with difficulty, usually through constant movement or pressure.

Sentences of Work
  1. I'm tired after a long day at work

  2. Make sure things work out

  3. His work is represented in some of the most important collections in the United States

  4. Find a job in a workshop

  5. He can almost hear the beat of his work

  6. The moat north of the fort was rebuilt and besieged by patriots

Synonyms of Work

working parts, feat, workings, factory, mould, fashion, plod away, slave away, performance, galvanize, toil, manipulate, model, jobs, succeed, get results, drudgery, go, deed, function


Meanings of Ticket:
  1. Give (someone) official instructions about traffic violations.

  2. (One passenger) ticket is issued.

  3. (Retail product) must be labeled with price, size and other details.

  4. A small piece of paper or card that gives its holder certain privileges, especially to enter a place, travel by public transport or attend an event.

  5. Certificate or mandate.

  6. A label attached to a retail product that shows the price, size and other details.

  7. List of candidates nominated by the party in the election.

  8. The thing that is wanted or right.

Sentences of Ticket
  1. Improper parking and risk of fines

  2. Passengers can now get e-tickets

  3. The sports jacket is labeled سو 200

  4. Admission is only possible through tickets.

  5. They entered ticket prices and bar codes

  6. Your presence in the Republican election

Synonyms of Ticket

docket, tally, pass, marker, warrant, label, slip, authorization, tab, tag, sticker, licence, permit