Work For Me

Work For Me

Truth: Tuesday or Wednesday works for me. Or Tuesday or Wednesday works for me.

Or it usually takes a single action when both options are the same. The idea is that there is only one real subject. Tuesday (or Wednesday) works for me.

You may find yourself in a weird situation (weird or stupid) where the idea of ​​Thursday can be considered singular, although a plural word like Thursday works for me, which means every Thursday or Thursday that my It works for you. You can say Tuesday or Thursday works for me (both worked), and you may find it difficult to use singular and plural as options.

But the general idea is that the first option in pairs determines the number of the following verbs.

It means one thing or another, but not both. y means both. You need a compound verb with another article (with exceptional exceptions).

Tuesday works for me.

Wednesday works for me.

Corn ..

Miss Tuesday and Mr. Wednesday work for me.

Both work for me on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Tuesday or Wednesday works fine for my new job.

Work For Me

Work For Me

Drama if you say "Etá" instead of "Ou".

Then you will use the work.

The first.

Work For Me