Definition of Word:

  1. Typing: Typing speed usually expressed in words per minute (WPM) where generally one word equals 5 characters (spaces included).

  2. A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.

  3. Ones account of the truth, especially when it differs from that of another person.

  4. Computing: Amount of data processed by a computer in a single instruction. It varies with the processor being used: earlier processors could handle 16-bit words, the current processors can handle 32-bit long words, and the more recent ones can handle 64-bit words.

  5. A basic unit of data in a computer, typically 16 or 32 bits long.

  6. Used to express agreement.

  7. A command, password, or signal.

  8. The text or spoken part of a play, opera, or other performed piece; a script.

  9. Choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something).

Synonyms of Word

Bible oath, Parthian shot, Account, Acquaintance, Adage, Address, Admission, Advice, Affidavit, Affirmance, Affirmation, Allegation, Altercation, Ana, Analects, Announcement, Annunciation, Answer, Aphorism, Apostrophe, Apothegm, Articulate, Assertion, Asseveration, Assurance, Attest, Attestation, Averment, Avouch, Avouchment, Avow, Avowal, Axiom, Beef, Behest, Bickering, Bidding, Blue book, Breathe, Briefing, Broadcast journalism, Bulletin, Buzz, Byword, Catchword, Charge, Chorus, Collected sayings, Come out with, Command, Commandment, Comment, Commitment, Communicate, Communication, Communique, Compurgation, Conceive, Conclusion, Convey, Couch, Couch in terms, Countersign, Crack, Creed, Cry, Current saying, Data, Datum, Declaration, Deliver, Deposition, Dictate, Dictation, Dictum, Direct order, Directive, Directory, Disclose, Disclosure, Dispatch, Dispute, Distich, Embassy, Embody in words, Emit, Engagement, Enlightenment, Enunciate, Enunciation, Epigram, Evidence, Exclamation, Express, Expression, Extrajudicial oath, Facts, Factual information, Faith, Familiarization, Fight, Fling off, Formularize, Formulate, Frame, Gen, General information, Give, Give expression, Give expression to, Give out with, Give tongue, Give utterance, Give voice, Give words to, Glosseme, Gnome, Golden saying, Gossip, Greeting, Guarantee, Guidebook, Handout, Hard information, Hassle, Hearsay, Hest, Icon, Idiom, Impart, Imperative, Incidental information, Info, Information, Injunction, Instruction, Instrument in proof, Intelligence, Interjection, Ipse dixit, Ironclad oath, Journalism, Judicial oath, Knowledge, Legal evidence, Let out, Letter, Lexeme, Lexical form, Light, Linguistic act, Lip, Locution, Loyalty oath, Mandate, Manifesto, Maxim, Mention, Message, Moral, Morpheme, Mot, Motto, News, News agency, News medium, News service, Newsiness, Newsletter, Newsmagazine, Newspaper, Newsworthiness, Note, Notice, Notification, Oath, Oath of allegiance, Oath of office, Observation, Offer, Official oath, Oracle, Order, Out with, Paragraph, Parol, Parole, Phonate, Phonation, Phrase, Pithy saying, Pleasure, Pledge, Plight, Pneumatogram, Position, Position paper, Positive declaration, Pour forth, Precept, Predicate, Predication, Prescript, Present, Presentation, Press association, Proclamation, Profession, Promise, Promotional material, Pronounce, Pronouncement, Proof, Proposition, Protest, Protestation, Proverb, Proverbial saying, Proverbs, Publication, Publicity, Put, Put forth, Put in words, Question, Radio, Raise, Reflection, Release, Remark, Report, Reportage, Rhetorize, Row, Rumble, Rumor, Run-in, Saw, Say, Say-so, Saying, Scuttlebutt, Semasiological unit, Sememe, Sentence, Sententious expression, Sequence of phonemes, Set forth, Set out, Set-to, Sidelight, Sign, Signifiant, Significant, Sloka, Solemn declaration, Solemn oath, Sound, Speaking, Special order, Speech act, Stance, Stand, State, Statement, Stock saying, String, Style, Subjoinder, Submit, Sutra, Sworn evidence, Sworn statement, Sworn testimony, Symbol, Talk, Tattle, Teaching, Telegram, Telegraph agency, Television, Tell, Term, Test oath, Testimonial, Testimonium, Testimony, Text, The dope, The fourth estate, The goods, The know, The press, The scoop, The spoken word, Thought, Throw off, Tidings, Token, Tongue, Transmission, Troth, Type, Undertaking, Utter, Utterance, Utterance string, Verbalize, Verse, Vocable, Vocalize, Voice, Vouch, Vow, Warrant, Warranty, Watchword, Whisper, White book, White paper, Will, Wire service, Wisdom, Wisdom literature, Wise saying, Witness, Witticism, Word of command, Word of honor, Word of mouth, Words of wisdom, Term, Name, Expression, Designation, Locution, Script, Text, Phrase, Express, Put, Couch, Frame, Set forth, Formulate, Style, Instruction, Order, Command

How to use Word in a sentence?

  1. I would like my students to write a paper in which you will define a word that holds great meaning to you and have it submitted by tomorrow afternoon.
  2. I dont like the word “unofficial”.
  3. In order to get hired as an administrative assistant at a major corporation, the applicant must have a minimum typing speed of 60 word s per minute, or more if the job is especially hectic or time-sensitive.
  4. He words his request in a particularly ironic way.
  5. His typing speed was only 50 word s per minute so he was not given the position of transcriber within the company.

Meaning of Word & Word Definition

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Matthew 5 kjv
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Hang tight
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L 2
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Log in or log on
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Mind As Well
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Different than or different from
Blank text
How to change app store country
There is or there are
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Star trek insignia
Scribble drawing
Shipping label created usps awaiting item
Turbo boost
Anyway Or Anyways
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Some singular or plural
Theatre vs theater
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Touchbase or touch base
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Led anode cathode
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Stair drawers
Caring person
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Address or adress
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Nerve wracking
Where vs were
Reverse translate
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Self service restaurant
Here Here Or Hear Hear
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Use to or used to
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Who is it
Computer terminal
Pope history
Uncommon words
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Compound nouns
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Water vapor
Stand up tanning bed
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Altered state of consciousness
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Invisible ink
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Expanded form
Pay attention to detail
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Hadn t
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Squared online
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Maybe or may be
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On the phone
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On the wall
Used in a sentence
Give a speech
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Keen on
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Laying or lying
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Where were
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Can or could
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Business ownership
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When is enough enough
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Extreme value theorem
Please bear with me
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Seperate or separate
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Meet met
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D guitar
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In spite of
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As of yet
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Degree conferred
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Has been
Get your ex back
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Continually or continuously
Go to drink
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Eye of horus
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Faith to faith
How to deal with heartbreak
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Setting definition
Workday or work day
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Jesus robe
Go for a walk
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Education for all handicapped children act
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As well as comma
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Tent of meeting
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Nomadic life
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Chocolate milk recipe
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Suppose vs supposed
Tibialis anterior exercises
Principle or principal
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Paint mediums
Onto vs on to
Solar system age
Weather or whether
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Awhile or a while
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Letter combinations
Self tapping wood screws
Rather than or then
Lock picking
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Console someone
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Whats a memoir
Hebrew birthday
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How to distribute
Will or would
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Microeconomics vs macroeconomics
What is recycling
We hold these truths to be self evident meaning
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Light in japanese
I got it
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Identity development
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Choice words
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Literacy narrative essay
How to tell if someone loves you
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Opposite of fear
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There be dragons
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How to sign a check
Dishwasher drain cleaner
Calligraphy writing
Split infinitive
Bobtail tractor
Team singular or plural
Please find attached
What is a radian
Logos greek
Easy as pie
Get hold of
Have has had
Composition writing
Is leviticus in the old testament
Ay caramba
Simplifying expressions with exponents
Independent and dependent clauses
Graphing systems of equations
Practice or practise
What is a yogi
Comma before or
Is thru a word
Pronoun definition and examples
Is follow up hyphenated
Import export business
Genesis 1 26 27
Phonemic awareness definition
How to read roman numerals
How to draw on a pdf
Home page or homepage
Purposely or purposefully
Whats a cult
Y all meaning
How to add files to google drive
Ftt medical abbreviation
How to create a pdf
Beckon call
Which vs that
What is a coordinating conjunction
Nd degree
How to solve compound inequalities
Due diligence in a sentence
Getting jumped
How to write an essay outline
Perfect tense
Roofs or rooves
Respect definition for kids
How much is a 3 carat diamond
What words are not capitalized in a title
Friend In Japanese
How to make a character
Widowed man
However comma
Catholic confirmation
Define reminiscing
How to cite lines from a poem
How to address an email
Tandem garage
Luke 12 49
Baby falcon
When does shabbat end
People people
Has been vs have been
Third grade writing prompts
Field technician
Yes of course
God is omniscient
Faith comes by hearing the word of god
Ad ce
How to look more masculine
English composition
Grace and mercy
Roman rottweiler
When do you spell out numbers
Moored ship
Copy link
Small numbers
Sentences that make no sense
Until valhalla
When to capitalize earth
What is broadcasting
Whose in a sentence
Phone number to words
Song recommendations
Color of depression
Study of weather
Rocks that contain gold
Funny spanish words
Organic chemistry textbook
Personal pronouns list
La pieta
What is a motif
Thematic apperception test
Hope Your Day Is Going Well
How to build a roof
Tao te ching best translation
Sacred tradition
Unicorn woman
How to create a form in excel
Uncle tom's cabin summary
First grade dolch sight words
Apostrophe before or after s
Paresthesia medical definition
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With whom
Car in french
Return address on envelope
What is an octet
Types of fruits
Ce vs ad
Sketchy website
Atomic structure
Ethos meaning
How to turn on predictive text
Much many
Define circa
Citing a pdf mla
This Is She Or This Is Her
Ballet leap
Kanji tattoo
Tool definition
What is a gerund phrase
Plural Of Roof
Easy rap lyrics freestyle
Cannot or can not
They are
Rhyme examples in poetry
Mycorrhizae definition
Ham bones for dogs
Flier vs flyer
Small group
Italian accent
Cleanup or clean up
Invision or envision
Bear with us
Humble abode
Vouch for someone
How to upgrade spotify
How much does a small tattoo cost
Alumni singular
How to fill out an envelope
Brise soleil
Combining functions
A Unique Or An Unique
Forensic psychology requirements
How to believe in god
Diy envelope
Solving for x with exponents
Rock vs stone
Powers of 2
What is rhythm in music
Mouse hover
Sonnet about love
Origin of the name jesus
How To Write A Check With Cents
Fleet of warships
How to search a pdf
What is the difference
Substitution method
Byte definition
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Apa headings
Greek god of love
Apostle vs disciple
Among vs amongst
Make your own postcard
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What is pepperoni made out of
How to open a window
Please bare with me
Level 6 Hair Color
Isaiah 40 22
Password protect word document
Domains of life
Phrases examples
Hi There
Where to find geodes
Zen meditation
Affect noun
Call the cops
Noone or no one
May be vs maybe
Spanish love poems
Dusty pink
The fear of god is the beginning of wisdom
Length definition
Sic meaning
Please advise
What does caucus mean
Among or amongst
Why stay away from the book of enoch
Psalm 90 10
Matthew 5 8
Anubis and bastet
Hang up the phone
Gender expression definition
What is a lanyard
Ye of little faith
Hebrews 11 4
Suppose or supposed
How to write a newspaper article
Video bokeh
Micro and macro economics
Double consonant
Does this sentence make sense
Is this a pronoun
Persecution complex
Flexible staffing
Anytime or any time
How to sew
There and their difference
What is a collage
Mouth pipetting
Halal chicken
What is cochlea
What is are
Arizona native american tribes
Starbucks boba
Word to html
Possessive names ending in s
Halo books in order
Omnipotent omnipresent omniscient
What is an equation in math
Singular and plural nouns
Rarest m&m color
Light energy
Real checks front and back
What is a transducer
Homosapien definition
Noun verb adjective adverb
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Is milk gluten free
Food wars season 4 dub release date
Product placement definition
Pdf white out
Spiritual manifestation
How to save a google doc as a pdf
My Name In Japanese
Os system
Classification of rocks
What is a testimony
Curve text in word
Rightly dividing the word of truth
Modifiers in english
Hope and faith
Autopilot meaning
How to cite a book in a paper
Mandamus meaning
Domain restrictions
How to solve system of equations
Expression math
Retail trade
God complex test
On the shelf
Zap surveys
How to write a void check
Hail mary saying
Sweet popcorn
Story points
Recidivism definition
Lite or light
Suit yourself
How to insert an iv
Offence or offense
What does extortion mean
Feel better soon
Esol meaning
Adjectives and adverbs
Expression math example
What is browser in computer
House of usher
Copper age
Silt loam
Dotted line
What are sight words
When could women open a bank account
Can you start a sentence with with
The moon tarot love
Embed video in email
How to turn word doc into pdf
Thank you again
What does god mean
Social environment
However semicolon
Scarborough reading rope
S in sign language
What does afab mean
How to use etc
Sql server for mac
Around the world game
How long does it take to write a book
Graphic elements
Wave vector
Dear sir madam
Zumba exercise
John and i or john and me
Self supervised learning
People vs peoples
Strobe light photography
Define transformation
Typography definition
Red tool
What are chinos
Persons or people
German sentences
Homoerectus vs homosapien
Their in a sentence
White in french
Amun ra
How to cite a paragraph in mla
Law of karma
Two greatest commandments
What is a semester
How to rap
Semicolon vs comma
Do you need a comma before and
Pilsner vs lager
How to make digital art
Words to live by
How to go viral on tiktok
Pig call
How to make a graph in word
Microsoft employee store
How much do computer engineers make
How much does a heart surgeon make
Define teacher
Eyes peeled
Glossary example
Efficacy vs effectiveness
How many sentences are in a paragraph
The motet
Power physics
How to use a wet stone
Baroque furniture
Is dad capitalized
How to make a brochure on google docs
How to make a pamphlet on word
Because sentence
Type russian
How to write out a check
Inspiration breathing
Myocardium definition
Unconscious gaslighting
What's a compound word
Comma after thank you
Jumper sweater
How to make roles on discord
Ruach meaning
Type pdf
Pray acronym
Wonderwall guitar
Payed or paid
Define place
Types of commas
Vedas definition
Rational root theorem calculator
Not only but also comma
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
Has or have
Types of tone in writing
Etc at the end of a sentence
Spiritual connection
Ai angel
How to write a narrative
Vertical line equation
How much are ferrets at petco
Luke 10:18 explained
Plane mirror
Belong to
How do you write the date
Recursive and explicit formulas
Is or are
Is master's degree capitalized
How to refinance my car
Revelation 17 kjv
Signature line in word
Custom icon
How to password protect a word document
Code green hospital
Iphone favorites
Horticulture definition
Types of speech
How to make a photo collage
Xoxo gossip girl
What is job
Executive presence
Four square game
Hydrogen bond
Pentateuch definition
Hemophilia punnett square
Asur web series
What is a scrub
What is dharma
Deferred revenue journal entry
Add page numbers to word
Starting a sentence with however
How to write return address on envelope
Define ethnography
How to count to 10 in japanese
Traveling spelling
Industrial vegan
How to save a word document as a jpeg
Full cord of wood
Apostles creed methodist
What is a conjunction
How do i request a friend on facebook
What type of rock is gneiss
Creative writing examples
However punctuation
What does fn mean
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