Word processor

Word processor,

Definition of Word processor:

  1. A type of software that displays characters based on a users input on an external or internal keyboard. The software allows the user to edit, modify, and format documents based on display preferences. The most common word processors are Microsoft Word and WordPerfect.

  2. A machine similar to a typewriter that prints text as a user strokes keys on a keyboard. These machines have mostly been replaced with personal computers.

  3. A program or machine for storing, manipulating, and formatting text entered from a keyboard and providing a printout.

How to use Word processor in a sentence?

  1. The word processor really changed how quickly and efficiently a business could run opening up many new doors for them.
  2. Youre going to need to open up the word processor and type up a letter to the client in order to explain why our payment will be late.
  3. At times like this, a suite of office software with a word processor, a spreadsheet and a selection of other handy office tools comes into its own.
  4. To finish the paper, I had to work on the word processor , which would allow me to write what I needed to write.

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