Woolly Nylon Serger Thread

Woolly Nylon Serger Thread

How do you use wool nylon in a serger?


  1. Thread the upper loops with wool nylon.
  2. Thread the bottom loops with sewing thread.
  3. Thread the left needle with the sewing thread and leave the right needle empty.
  4. Increase the tension on the lower looper.
  5. Set the stitch length to 1.5.
  6. Sew a few stitches without fabric to make sure you have threaded the machine correctly.

Similarly, you may be wondering if you can use wool and nylon in a regular sewing machine?

Nylon Woolly is marketed for overlockers but also works great with sewing machines. It comes in different colors and brands. Polyester yarn also has more yarn than cotton yarn.

Which yarn do you also use for the stretch fabric?

The most common threads used for sewing stretch fabrics are textured polyester or nylon threads such as A & Es Wildcat® Plus or Best Stretch®. Textured threads are ideal for top seams and seams as they provide excellent coverage and seam elasticity.

In this sense, what is wool and nylon yarn?

Sometimes referred to as Wooly Nylon (which is actually a brand name for a YLI product, as all Kleenex fabrics call it), this almost spongy, wiry yarn expands and contracts. It can be used in curls and needles. MaxiLock Stretch, a structured nylon thread.

Is bulky nylon the same as woolly nylon?

Durable nylon is the same as wool nylon from other manufacturers. It’s stretchy, so it fills in the seams when it relaxes and creates a nice edge when you thin or curl parts of the edges (like the edges of towels).

What is the lumpy nylon thread for?

GOLDENROD 1000m 5ct strong nylon thread. Gutermann Bulky 100% nylon textured overlock thread is ideal for covering seams on underwear, swimwear and knitwear. It makes overlock seams that are extremely soft and flexible, yet strong. Used to precipitate all light to medium fabrics.

Is the nylon thread elastic?

Wool nylon is even more stretchy than MaxiLock stretch yarn! If you zoom in on the woolly nylon you will see that it is the darkest of all. The only downside to wool nylon is that it is significantly more expensive than its MaxiLock counterpart.

What is yarn?

Wool and nylon yarn. The elastic yarn for stretch fabrics such as swimwear, sportswear and more. Use the top and bottom loops of the serger for rolled edges and edges. It can be wonderfully combined with smooth and solid edges and seams.

What kind of yarn do you use for spandex?

Below are some examples sewn onto two layers of nylon spandex on my modern Elizabeth Baby Lock machine, using general purpose coats and Clark Dual XP thread. The straight needle worked for everything except the zigzag stitch where you can see the skipped stitches.

What kind of thread is used to sew the rubber bands?

Sergeant. If you have an overlocker, this is the perfect way to sew with an elastic. A 3- or 4-thread stitch provides a stitch and offers good stretch at the same time. You can use plain serrated yarn, woolly nylon yarn, or (my favorite) stretch yarn.

How can I prevent the fabric from stretching when sewing?

Tips and tricks for handling elastics: Use ball needles to avoid damaging the knitted fabric when cutting and sewing. Always order a few pieces to test the needle and machine settings. Do not wash while sewing, or oppose the movement of the machine by pulling the fabric towards you or away from you.

Is the polyester stretchy?

Polyester fibers are not elastic, but polyester can be made into an elastic fabric. During weaving, polyester tends to be stiff, like a sheet or a pair of pants. To be elastic, polyester must be knitted or blended with another elastic fiber.

Woolly Nylon Serger Thread