Can anyone tell me if Wilongwa is worth it or not? ۔

Hello, you read English at home and some days you use the Wlingua app. Great, of course, it really helped me.

After seeing that they offer a price for every level you want to complete, I wonder if it's worth it.

For example, can't I post a resume where I learn English with English hair?

Thank you very much! :)

Whatever, of course, is worth something you do. Will you learn it Are you satisfied with the course? What is this © or its value? Your knowledge You may not have a completely foreign English curriculum, but it will be worth it, or your English. Says you need to know how to talk about recruitment. The hair looks like you have passed the course. :)

Good study, good type.

Or does the certificate appear in the Termio Novel, the data or certificate received in the domain number?

To receive or be certified, must pass all lessons with an average level above 6.5. Full

Sent a certificate?

Yes, we give a certificate or diploma when one of the two is completed at two or four levels. Or diplomas sent by email.