Wizard101 Couch Potatoes

Wizard101 Couch Potatoes

What is Wizard101 Grizzleheim for? 3

Seriously, this is a useless world. It has nothing to do with the main story, missions barely earn XP, so why bother? I passed halfway through Krokotopia, Marleybone, Wysteria and MooSo without dropping Savestaad P, so I don't see the point.

Yes, Grizzleheim offers a rare experience. Remember that the creature gives beautiful drops in trouble like the fingers of a soldier's sofa. Another thing in this world, if you are ranked 35th and you have completed the search for Grizzleheim's Story to One in the Snout, you are eligible to get additional spells based on your level of education. You can find this search through Eric Wiredron of the Northern Guard, called I Know a Boy. Do you remember Pector Zeke? Well it is there too, it provides a training point when you look for a meter. If you are a student of Escola da Vida, you should visit this area to get the magic of Holy Lord.

Here is a list of additional spells you will find:

Balance: Basic and spiritual goals

: Dark Agreement

: NS

Ice: Legion Shield

Life: Screening

Myth: Yes

Hurricane: Supercharge

After all, there was no point in looking at Grizzleheim.

Wizard 101 Sophie Act

Grizzleheim is a world full of side quests to level up your wizards and gain experience.

Wizard101 Couch Potatoes