Wizard Opposite Gender

Wizard Opposite Gender

What is the opposite sex of magicians?


I always get a wizard as opposed to a W. However, the word mag refers to anyone who practices the scientific aspects of magic (ie alchemy). The word is not gender specific, men and women call practitioners witches. W W means anyone who practices the natural aspects of magic (such as herbs, tests, firecrackers, etc.). This word is not gender related. Male and female practitioners are called walkers.

Well, if I'm right, the term witchcraft is used for both men and women, magicians, sorcerers, and so on. The term assistant is used to denote a male assistant and the term W means a female assistant.

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I don't think it's W because we use a different kind of magic than magicians.

I am convinced that the term assistant can be used interchangeably, as assistant is a term for a male assistant.

I think w

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Wizard Opposite Gender