Withholding Allowances.

Withholding Allowances.,

Withholding Allowances.:

  • Adjustments are made to ensure appropriate wage deductions for those who may have excessive deductions or are subject to other special circumstances.

Literal Meanings of Withholding Allowances.


Meanings of Withholding:
  1. Refusing to give something that is wanted or wanted.

  2. Don't show love or warmth.

Sentences of Withholding
  1. This guy is kind of moderate


Meanings of Allowances:
  1. Give (someone) some money as an allowance.

  2. The amount of something that is allowed, especially on a set of rules or for a specific purpose.

  3. The amount paid to a person on a regular basis to meet needs or expenses.

  4. Tolerance.

Sentences of Allowances
  1. I decided to give it to him

  2. Your luggage allowance

  3. Parents receive a heating allowance each winter

  4. The division of slavery in the south

Synonyms of Allowances

grant, portion, subsidy, allocation, benefit, helping, slice, share, annuity, quota, allotment, expenses, lot, contribution, upkeep, maintenance, stipend, permitted amount, handout, pocket money, permitted quantity, sum of money, limit, subsistence, ration, consideration