Withdrawal Plan

Withdrawal Plan,

Withdrawal Plan Definition:

  1. Withdrawal Plan means, A payment plan is a financial plan that allows shareholders to withdraw money from mutual funds or other investment accounts at specified intervals. This type of plan is widely used for pension expenses. However, it can also be used for other purposes.

    • Retirement plan is a plan to withdraw from a mutual fund or other type of investment account.
    • This is a payment structure that allows for regular refunds.
    • Retirement plans provide a source of income during the retirement years.

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Meanings of Withdrawal:
  1. Remove something

Sentences of Withdrawal
  1. Return of free legal aid

Synonyms of Withdrawal

removal, taking away


Synonyms of Plan

method, schedule, proposal, make a map of, intention, think out, line up, intent, make a drawing of, set up, arrange, arrangement, programme, plan of action, contrive, shape, concoct, design, map out, system, procedure, hope, object, ambition, game plan, draw up a plan of