Withdrawal Benefits

Withdrawal Benefits,

Withdrawal Benefits Meanings:

Pension benefits refer to the right of employees who benefit from a pension plan or other pension plan to withdraw funds raised after leaving the employer.

Literal Meanings of Withdrawal Benefits


Meanings of Withdrawal:
  1. The process of removing something.

Sentences of Withdrawal
  1. Return of free legal aid.

Synonyms of Withdrawal

discontinuation, termination, taking away, cancellation, abolition, ending, elimination, stopping, removal


Meanings of Benefits:
  1. Government payment or insurance plan for eligible people.

  2. An event such as a show or game aimed at raising funds for a particular player or charity.

  3. Receive performance grants.

Sentences of Benefits
  1. Enjoy the benefits of subscription.

  2. Part-time positions come with services that require proof of resources.

  3. The season of fraternity is marked by newcomers dancing and discounting profits.

  4. The area will benefit from regeneration.

Synonyms of Benefits

additional benefit, reap benefits, strength, make the most of, utility, plus, make a killing, advantageousness, satisfaction, gifts, donations, advantage, exploit, asset, fringe benefit, comfort, the buroo, profit, aid, added extra, welfare, bonus, government benefit, boon, good, helpfulness, reap financial reward, public assistance allowance, state benefit