With prejudice

With prejudice,

Definition of With prejudice:

  1. Law phrase signifying that (1) a court case so dismissed bars the possibility of bringing a new case on the same basis as the dismissed case, (2) a court order so issued is the final order on the subject matter. See also without prejudice.

  2. Extinguishing any right to pursue a claim in another suit.

How to use With prejudice in a sentence?

  1. Stellas lawsuit against the transit authority, in which she claimed their trains were keeping her up at night, was dismissed rapidly and with prejudice by the exasperated judge.
  2. The suit was dismissed with prejudice.
  3. The court will dismiss this witness because they have brought information to this trial with prejudice , and it cannot be used here.
  4. Since I was truly guilty of the crime, and the courts ruled with prejudice that I was innocent, I completely got away with it!.

Meaning of With prejudice & With prejudice Definition