Definition of Wire:

  1. Snare (an animal) with wire.

  2. An electronic listening device that can be concealed on a person.

  3. In general, a metal bar less than 3/16th of an inch in diameter.

  4. Provide, fasten, or reinforce with wires.

  5. Metal drawn out into the form of a thin flexible thread or rod.

  6. A telegram or cablegram.

  7. Install electric circuits or wires in.

  8. Send a telegram or cablegram to.

  9. Obstruct (a ball, shot, or player) by a wicket.

Synonyms of Wire

BX cable, Teletype, Armored cable, Band, Bandage, Battery cable, Bell wire, Belt, Bend, Bind, Bind up, Brace, Braid, Brail, Bundle, Cable, Cablegram, Cannon, Chain, Cinch, Coaxial cable, Cord, Cutpurse, Day letter, Dip, Diver, Do up, Electric cable, Electric cord, Fast telegram, Flash, Gird, Girdle, Girt, Girth, Highline, Hookup wire, Lace, Lash, Lead, Leash, Ligament, Ligation, Ligature, Line, Night letter, Power line, Radio, Radiogram, Rope, Send a wire, Sign off, Sign on, Splice, Spun yarn, Strap, String, Swaddle, Swathe, Telegram, Telegraph, Telegraph line, Telephone line, Telex, Tendon, Thong, Three-wire cable, Tie, Tie up, Transmission line, Triaxial cable, Truss, Twine, Twist, Underground cable, Wire line, Wrap, Wrap up, Yarn

How to use Wire in a sentence?

  1. An undercover police informer who was wearing a wire.
  2. They wired his jaw.
  3. A coil of copper wire.
  4. Wiring a plug.

Meaning of Wire & Wire Definition