Definition of Windstorm:

  1. A wind of significant force that is able to cause damage to an insured property. Coverage that protects against the effects of a windstorm is usually included in basic property insurance.

  2. A storm with very strong wind but little or no rain or snow; a gale.

Synonyms of Windstorm

Tempest, Squall, Black squall, Blizzard, Blow, Cyclone, Dirty weather, Equinoctial, Foul weather, Gale, Half a gale, Heavy blow, Hurricane, Ill wind, Line squall, Line storm, Rainstorm, Rough weather, Snowstorm, Squall, Squall line, Storm, Storm wind, Stormy weather, Stormy winds, Strong wind, Tempest, Tempestuous rage, Tempestuous wind, Thick squall, Thundersquall, Thunderstorm, Tornado, Tropical cyclone, Typhoon, Ugly wind, Violent blow, White squall, Whole gale, Williwaw, Wind-shift line

How to use Windstorm in a sentence?

  1. Besides genetics, factors that keep most eastern old growth from soaring to the skies are thin, rocky soils and frequent hurricanes, windstorms, and ice storms.

Meaning of Windstorm & Windstorm Definition



In insurance, a hurricane is considered a declared hazard or something serious that could happen to your property and is covered by the insurance of your tenant or landlord.

For insurance reasons, wind damage is not covered. A hurricane, which is defined as a general environmental disturbance over a relatively large area, is usually indicated when it causes damage to a number of properties. There are no standard rules for individual complaints. Generally, a check at the nearest weather station showing strong gusts or winds of 40 MPH or more will guarantee payment of the claim. Hurricanes, hurricanes, hurricanes, hurricanes and hurricanes are considered insured hurricanes. (See enhanced coverage.)

Meanings of Windstorm

  1. A storm with very strong winds but no less rain or snow.

Sentences of Windstorm

  1. In addition to genetics, the factors preventing most parts of the eastern primary forest from flying in the sky are thin, rocky soils and frequent storms, winds and snowstorms.