Winchester Model 190

Winchester Model 190

What ammunition did you use for the Winchester Model 190.22 caliber rifle? 3

I wonder what the ammunition is and if possible they can give me a good range and mission.

Thank you very much.

Order .22 LR dynamite at standard speed with old .22 ID. You can get good deals by buying 500 spins or more in bulk. A standard 100-speed gearbox costs about $ 5.98, so you can see that it's actually cheaper to buy in bulk.


I have a Winchester 190, that's exactly what my father bought me as a child, because my two older brothers still have the old Winchester .22 patch and they won't let me drive.

He was very jealous whenever he fired when he pressed the tee ... We had never seen a .22 semi-automatic before.

190 is Winchester after 1964 in every way, it's a cheap budget, it's not a good arm for rival models like the Marilyn 60. Unfortunately, 190 luxurious cousins, 290 and above, never did. It has Marlin 60 reliable, battery life or long life.

I always get stuck in super speed cartridges like CCI Stingers and occasionally CCI Mini Mags (which is my favorite .22 ammo). Works best with cheap standard ammunition. The story of .22s is that you just have to try all the ammunition you can find and see what you do better.

I now have over a dozen .22 semi-automatic rifles (these are ions ... I can buy some, but we rarely sell or trade them, and I teach a lot of new idiots, some Times in groups!)

Although 190 has a permanent place in my life (since I died now it bought me into childhood), it is far from my favorite, although a few rat trees restaurant with the use of its (weaver) edge. I have changed. . He seems to have something and he is very special because he is clean. It's not as reliable as my 60's Marlin and my property is less accurate than Marilyn's or Sae's, but it's as accurate as my 10/22 Ruger. Still, this is a small, repairable tire that should work just fine.

Note: The lock on the pipe had to be used because it breaks.

Winchester Model 190

Winchester Model 190

Winchester 190. Models

Winchester 190


It doesn't matter much more than the rest of the M190's ammunition. You have to ask your rifle what kind of ammunition it likes.

.22 Buy as many boxes of ammunition as you can find in your area. Then head to the beach and try five groups with each different square. It would be a good idea to drill when moving from one charge to another. Carefully identify each target with each different charge. After a firefight, find out what kind of ammunition and what kind of ammunition he gave to the best group, then buy one or two bricks from it.

I mean find out what's best in your rifle, we can only tell you what our rifles look like and what your rifles are that don't weigh the same.


The Aguila .22 LR Hyper Velocity 30gr has a top speed of 1750FPS and a power delivery of 533 ft lbs. Not bad for .22 LR tires. Here's a great link to the Final Ballistic Meet, including the different types of Rim 22

A .22 LR federal box of 550 will cost about $ 11 at Wal-Mart.

Is it a .22 rifle, long or Winchester .22WRF or .22 magnum?

Winchester Model 190