Win/Loss Ratio

Win/Loss Ratio,

How To Define Win/Loss Ratio?

  • Win / loss ratio is the ratio between the total number of winning trades and the number of lost trades. It doesn't matter how many won or lost, only if they were winners or losers.

    • The win / loss or success ratio is the number of trades won compared to the number of trades lost.
    • In other words, the profit / loss ratio is how many times a trader loses money in his trade compared to how many times he succeeds in a profitable trade.
    • The win / loss ratio is used in conjunction with the win / loss ratio (total win / trade).

Literal Meanings of Win/Loss Ratio


Meanings of Win:
  1. Succeeding or winning in (competition or conflict)

  2. Acquisition or holding as a result of competition, dispute, betting or other efforts.

  3. Successful outcome of a competition, dispute, bet or second attempt to win.

Sentences of Win
  1. The Mets won four games in a row

  2. There are hundreds of prizes to win

  3. Victory against Norway

Synonyms of Win

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Sentences of Loss
  1. Avoid wasting time

Synonyms of Loss

forgetting, misplacement, mislaying, overlooking, dropping


Meanings of Ratio:
  1. A quantitative relationship between two quantities that indicates how many times one value is included or the other quantity is included.

Sentences of Ratio
  1. The male to female employment ratio is 8 to 1

Synonyms of Ratio

relationship, quantitative relation, correspondence, proportion, comparative extent, balance, correlation, comparative number