Willow Wild Definition

Willow Wild Definition

How delicate and wild does she look in her blue shoes and jeans? 3

I do not understand this sentence, can anyone understand me as soon as possible? Thank you very much

You memorized half a sentence. In fact, it means:

He looked about fourteen or fifteen, weak and wild, in tennis shorts and jeans.

Delicate means slightly broken ... fine and delicate. If the pieces are breakable, it means they are very smooth. When a person is weak it means that he is very thin and malnourished, or sick, weak and thin.

Willow Wild is a kind of poetic explanation. The willow is a very flexible type of tree, its tree swaying and swaying in the wind ... Unlike a maple or oak tree, the tree only moves slightly in the wind. Therefore, when a person is like a willow, they are thin and curved, like the wind blowing around them.

Wild, of course, has to claim that you are not humble or that no one has studied the principles well and therefore always breaks them. Wild or savage people are often afraid of people, are hard to catch and will fight if caught.

In general, this phrase describes a malnourished child, very thin and a little weak, one of them looking as thin as he should be. He was viewed with fear and suspicion.

Oh yes sir

Willow Wild Definition