Willie Sutton rule

Willie Sutton rule,

Definition of Willie Sutton rule:

  1. The Willie Sutton Rule is based on a statement by notorious American bank robber Willie Sutton, who, when asked by a reporter about why he stole from banks, answered: “Because that's where the money is.”.

  2. That one should focus on obvious, high-yield activities instead of wasting time on less fruitful ones. Named after the notorious US criminal William Sutton (1901-80) who was charged with over a hundred bank robberies and who, when asked why he favored banks as his targets, is widely quoted to have said, Because thats where the money is. However, in his autobiography Where The Money Was: The Memoirs Of A Bank Robber (published in 1976) he denies uttering those words and credits an unnamed reporter for them. Sutton, who was always well armed when attempting his heists, did say, You cannot rob a bank on charm and personality a statement wiser bankers might disagree with. Also called Suttons Law.

  3. In other words, his end goal was money so why waste time looking for it in obscure or questionable places instead of taking the path of least resistance and most success and going straight to the source? The rule can be applied across many different disciplines, from investing to medicine, science, business and accounting.

How to use Willie Sutton rule in a sentence?

  1. Named after bank robber William Sutton, the rule applies to investors in that they should most often seek out low hanging fruit first before trying more obscure strategies.
  2. The Willie Sutton Rule states that one's first choice should be to choose the most obvious route.
  3. In medicine, the rule suggests that the most likely diagnosis for an ailment should be ruled out first before exploring uncommon conditions.

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