Definition of Willful:

  1. Conscious or intentional but not necessarily malicious.

  2. (of an immoral or illegal act or omission) intentional; deliberate.

Synonyms of Willful

Deliberate, Intentional, Intended, Done on purpose, Premeditated, Planned, Calculated, Purposeful, Conscious, Knowing, Advised, Aimed, Aimed at, Arbitrary, Autonomous, Balking, Balky, Bigoted, Bulldogged, Bulletheaded, Bullheaded, Calculated, Case-hardened, Conscious, Considered, Contemplated, Contumacious, Decided, Deliberate, Deliberated, Designed, Determined, Discretional, Discretionary, Disobedient, Dogged, Dogmatic, Elective, Envisaged, Envisioned, Factious, Fanatic, Free, Free will, Froward, Gratuitous, Hardheaded, Headstrong, Heady, Independent, Indisciplined, Insubordinate, Intended, Intentional, Intolerant, Intractable, Irresponsible, Knowing, Lawless, Licentious, Meant, Meditated, Mulish, Mutinous, Naughty, Nonconforming, Nonmandatory, Obstinate, Of design, Offered, Opinionated, Optional, Overzealous, Persevering, Pertinacious, Perverse, Pigheaded, Planned, Proffered, Projected, Proposed, Purposed, Purposeful, Purposive, Rampant, Recusant, Reinless, Resolved, Restive, Self-acting, Self-active, Self-determined, Self-determining, Self-willed, Set, Spontaneous, Stiff-necked, Strong-willed, Strongheaded, Stubborn, Studied, Sulky, Sullen, Teleological, Tenacious, Transgressive, Unaccountable, Unasked, Unbesought, Unbidden, Unbridled, Uncalled-for, Unchecked, Uncoerced, Uncompelled, Uncomplying, Uncontrolled, Uncooperative, Uncurbed, Undisciplined, Unduteous, Undutiful, Unforced, Ungoverned, Uninfluenced, Uninvited, Unpressured, Unprompted, Unregenerate, Unreined, Unrequested, Unrequired, Unrestrained, Unsolicited, Unsought, Violative, Voluntary, Volunteer, Wayward, Wildcat, Willing, Witting, Wrongheaded

How to use Willful in a sentence?

  1. Willful acts of damage.

Meaning of Willful & Willful Definition