Willful misconduct

Willful misconduct,

Definition of Willful misconduct:

  1. Conscious or intentional disregard of the rights or the safety of others; misconduct in which an individual is doing what he or she intends to do.

How to use Willful misconduct in a sentence?

  1. The paramedic was fired for Willful Misconduct , following video footage depicting him turning off his radio to nap in the ambulance.
  2. The willful misconduct of the employee led to his termination as our company policy is zero tolerance on safety issues.
  3. Today was my first day as a secretary at my new job, everything was going fine until lunch when my boss said i would be riding with him to the restaurant on the way there he put his hand on my knee which i did not approve of now im thinking of suing him for willful misconduct .

Meaning of Willful misconduct & Willful misconduct Definition