Definition of Will:

  1. Expressing facts about ability or capacity.

  2. Expressing probability or expectation about something in the present.

  3. Expressing inevitable events.

  4. Written document (testament) by which a person (the testator) directs how his or her assets (estate) are to be distributed upon death. Among other provisions, a will may appoint executors to administer the estate, name guardian for a child, and/or make arrangement for payment of obligations. Commonly, the law requires that the testator must have testamentary capacity when making the will, and that it be witnessed by two or more credible witnesses. It is not always necessary, however, that the will bears the signature of the testator. Someone else may sign it on behalf of, and in the presence of, the testator and a required number of witnesses. A will is (1) not effective until the death of the testator, (2) can be amended by duly executed alterations or by attaching a supplementary document (called codicil), and (3) can be revoked at any time by the testator (a) by its destruction, or (b) by making another will that revokes the earlier will or is inconsistent with it provisions. Because the law generally presumes the testator would want a different manner of distribution of estate upon his or her marriage, remarriage, or divorce, a will is usually automatically revoked upon such occurrence except where the testator intended it (at the time of making the will) to survive such acts. A testator may make different wills that relate to different assets, but any provision relating to a particular asset will be invalidated by an inconsistent provision in a later will.

  5. Expressing the future tense.

  6. Expressing a request.

  7. Expressing habitual behavior.

Synonyms of Will

Have a tendency to, Are bound to, Have a habit of, Do, Add a codicil, Aim, Alternativity, Ambition, Animus, Aplomb, Appetite, Ardor, Aspiration, Assurance, Attested copy, Behest, Bequeath, Bequeathal, Bequest, Bidding, Character, Choice, Choose, Choose to, Choosing, Co-optation, Co-option, Codicil, Command, Commandment, Commitment, Conclude, Concupiscence, Confidence, Control, Counsel, Crave, Curiosity, Decide, Decidedness, Decision, Decisiveness, Decree, Dedication, Definiteness, Desideration, Desideratum, Design, Desire, Determinateness, Determination, Determine, Determinedness, Devise, Devotion, Dictate, Dictation, Direct order, Discipline, Discretion, Disposition, Drive, Eagerness, Earnestness, Effect, Election, Entail, Execute a will, Fancy, Fantasy, First choice, Fix, Fixed purpose, Fixity of purpose, Fortitude, Free choice, Free will, Function, Hand down, Hand on, Hankering, Hest, Hope, Horme, Idea, Imperative, Inclination, Inheritance, Intellectual curiosity, Intendment, Intent, Intention, Iron will, Leave, Legacy, Legate, Libido, Like, Liking, Longing, Lust for learning, Make a bequest, Make a will, Meaning, Mind, Moral courage, Moral fiber, Motive, Need, Nisus, Obstinacy, Order, Pass on, Passion, Perseverance, Persistence, Pick, Pining, Plan, Please, Pleasure, Pleasure principle, Point, Poise, Power, Preference, Preoption, Probate, Project, Proposal, Prospectus, Purpose, Purposefulness, Relentlessness, Resoluteness, Resolution, Resolve, Resolvedness, Restraint, Sake, Say-so, Seal, See fit, Selection, Self-command, Self-control, Self-discipline, Self-government, Self-mastery, Self-possession, Self-restraint, Self-will, Seriousness, Settle, Sexual desire, Sincerity, Single-mindedness, Special order, Strength, Strength of mind, Strength of purpose, Striving, Study, Take a resolution, Temper, Tenacity, Testament, The pick, Think fit, Think good, Think proper, Thirst for knowledge, Total commitment, Transmit, Urge, Velleity, View, Volition, Want, Wanting, Will and bequeath, Will and pleasure, Will of iron, Will power, Will to, Willpower, Wish, Wish fulfillment, Wishes, Word, Word of command, Yearning

How to use Will in a sentence?

  1. A rock so light that it will float on water.
  2. Will you stop here, please.
  3. She will dance for hours.
  4. You will regret it when you are older.
  5. Accidents will happen.
  6. They will be miles away by now.

Meaning of Will & Will Definition