Will Probably

Will Probably

Is it possible or not? 3

Whose purpose is it?

I will probably attend the meeting.

I will probably attend the meeting.

I've seen both methods, and instant internet search gives confusing answers. I haven't found any reliable way to make a claim in any way, but the only one I think is true.

Local speakers will say this.

I will probably attend the meeting, it feels more informal, so for writing purposes I will use what I will probably attend the meeting.

It is probably a verb and, when used alone, rather than as part of a larger sentence, it usually follows the verb in formal writing in local speakers.

The fact that local speakers reverse this pattern when answering questions is proof that there is no rule for words to appear:

Teacher: John, are you going to the meeting tomorrow?

John: Probably yes.

Very few local speakers will answer this question.

Maybe go

Will is a verb, so grammatically it should be.

You probably can't

But you probably will

I can go to the meeting.

Will Probably