Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Sagging Floors

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Sagging Floors

Does Meoers Insurance Cover Bad Beams? 3

We were sold and an inspector came to check the usage. Damage was found in the R-beam under the can shower and sink and needed to be replaced. I have heard that insurance covers water loss, but we do not have leaks. Our drain closed, and while we were washing, the water went back into the can sink and bathtub, but the pipes weren't coming out of nowhere, they just went back into the drain.


We called the plumber to disconnect the hose as it was accumulating in the tub and sink, and he said we have an iron hose that needs to be replaced as needed. The estimate is 1,600. But the inspector has only sent his report that the R-beam is bad. He did not say that it was due to water or rot, maybe we had a leak there. We've only been using it for two years.

It depends on the cause of the damage! Red, D, termite, all excluded. Cover losses.

Replacement of bare cast iron drain tube. You feel rusty, it's a care issue.

Meoers Insurance is designed to cover sudden and accidental losses. This is not a phased care issue. So it depends on how they are actually broken.

Are you saying that if your meoers insurance doesn't pay for R-Beam repairs, the problem won't be solved? Have you ever heard of backing up your gutter? Have you brought a plumber to remove the obstruction? In that case, your insurance company will take care of the repairs. The hose should not leak because there is a problem with the system. Contact your insurance agent and ask anonymous questions if you are affected by your insurance coverage.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Sagging Floors

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Sagging Floors

Rotten beam

If Carrier R is damaged by the insured risk (or, in the case of fully comprehensive insurance, the risk is not excluded), the damaged Carrier R is insured.

Your question does not specify the cause or type of damage.

However, if the beam rots or is damaged due to repeated leaks, the beams will not close and one leak will not be enough to damage the beams.

It depends on the type of damage.

Most sources specifically exclude corruption.

Most policies specifically exclude pest damage (such as termite damage).

Many policies exclude claims that are from previous weeks, months or years. This is how you feel. This is not a new problem.

Looks like your gutter is old. Meoers do not charge for replacement of old / used pipes.

You need to determine the nature of the damage and talk to your agent about it. Your agent can tell you if you should file a claim.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Sagging Floors