How Do You Define Widget?

  • A small program that runs on multiple computers. Small devices, switches, gadgets, etc. whose names are not known.


Meanings of Widget

  1. A small mechanical device or device, especially one whose name is unknown or indefinite.

  2. Interface applications or components that allow users to perform tasks or access services.

Sentences of Widget

  1. I wanted to write about gadgets and widgets and all the cool things that make life easier or at least more fun.

  2. Gone are the days when developers stood in front of text editors with only mental strength to manually define buttons, manually describe lists and other widgets.

Synonyms of Widget

tool, apparatus, machine, gadget, implement, device, appliance, contraption, mechanism, invention, labour-saving device

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Widget Meanings:

  • A small program that runs on multiple computers. Small device, software, gadget, etc. whose name is not known.

Meanings of Widget

  1. Small device or mechanical device.



  • Widget means: A small program run by multiple computers. Small device, software, gadget, etc., whose name is unknown.


A widget is a graphical interaction element that can be found on mobile devices or websites. Shows important information to users, e.g. About the weather, date or time. For websites, this is usually an element placed in the footer or sidebar. The widget adds its code to the page to allow users to perform various actions. Installing a widget right out of the box saves web developers time.

Advantages of widgets:

  • interesting graphic shape,
  • dynamic or static,
  • easy installation,
  • Responsive design.

The main function of widgets on websites is to make them more functional and attractive. The widget is a great alternative to traditional banner ads. As a general rule, it is easy to adapt it to the design of the site and its purpose.

Widget preview

A widget can be a contact form, a calendar or an internal search engine. They are introduced to improve the website or make it more attractive to users. These elements make it possible to view video or image files in the browser and easily integrate with social networks.

Widgets are website elements that you can interact with. Using a video widget can be an easy way to embed a video on your site.

A small software tool that performs a specific function or provides a specific service.

A widget is a software tool that performs a specific task or function.

Webterm, a small piece of software integrated into a website or interface to provide additional and unobtrusive functionality, modify or add content, especially in the sidebars or footers of content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, etc. latest tweets, local view again, add RSS feed

In a web context, it is a portable application that can be integrated into a third party website by cutting and pasting code snippets. Common web widgets are a Twitter box that can be placed on a blog or a small Google map that can be placed on an invitation. Desktop widgets, such as those for the Macintosh Dashboard or Yahoo! offered can be placed on the desktop of the computer, for example for weather or actions. Similarly, Android provides the ability to add widgets to home screens.

These are special applications on websites that allow users to perform certain actions. A widget can be a weight loss calculator, display the date and time, display the latest news, etc. It is usually not the main content of the page, but acts as additional content.