Wide-Ranging Days

Wide-Ranging Days,

How To Define Wide-Ranging Days?

The big day describes the change in stock prices on the day of extreme volatility. There are days when high and low stock prices are far from normal. Some technical analysts point to today's volatile index.

Literal Meanings of Wide-Ranging Days


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Wide-Ranging Days,

Definition of Wide-Ranging Days:

Meaning of Wide-Ranging Days: James Chen, CMT, is an experienced trader, investment advisor and global market strategist. He is the author of John Wiley & Sons' books on trade and technology and has been a visiting researcher at CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Forbes and Reuters, among other financial companies.

  • Big days are when the stock's ups and downs are far from normal.
  • Extreme days can help predict significant trend changes.
  • The Average Correct Range (ATR) provides a way to compare trading limits between days.
  • Meanwhile, the volatility index can be used to identify extended days using technical indicators - it automates the process of finding extended days.
  • Resistance days are usually when the volatility index exceeds the 14-day value of 2.0.

Literal Meanings of Wide-Ranging Days


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