Definition of Wickets:

  1. Checkpoints through which all steps of a procedure or process must pass through.

  2. Each of the sets of three stumps with two bails across the top at either end of the pitch, defended by a batsman.

  3. A small door or gate, especially one beside or in a larger one.An opening in a door or wall, often fitted with glass or a grille and used for selling tickets or a similar purpose.

  4. A croquet hoop.

Synonyms of Wickets

Barrier, Wicket, Wicket gate, Lychgate, Five-barred gate, Turnstile

How to use Wickets in a sentence?

  1. Each player takes a croquet mallet and must only use the striking end, not the side, when moving their ball through the croquet wickets.
  2. But if the bowler can knock the bails off the wickets, the batsman is out.
  3. The style of the gate should match the house: a wicket gate would look out of place in a smart city setting, whereas antique wrought iron might lead to expectations that a cottage garden fails to meet.

Meaning of Wickets & Wickets Definition