Why we think technology and innovation is crucial in the Insurance Sector?

  1. Risks are evolving faster than insurance solutions. Climate change, Coronavirus, Cyber are examples of an evolving global risk environment. Is COVID-19 business interruption covered under a standard business interruption policy? The challenges faced by the potential claimants is the fact that their business closures are precautionary. The closure is not the results of the actual, proven presence of the virus at, or anywhere near, the insured site. A tremendous amount of uncertainty but also the opportunity for those able to meet the challenges.

  2. Capacities are being tested by New Exposures encouraging Insurers to cooperate to mitigate their own maximum potential loss.

  3. New and Existing segments of opportunity. Society is changing an aging population, emerging affluence in segments of the population around the world. Insurance must evolve to meet the demand and opportunities that these segments represent.

  4. New Products for New opportunities. There are many innovations that have not yet been dreamed of. Specific coverage for Business interruption arising from a pandemic.

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