Why To Choose the CoinStats in 2021?

CoinStats is the ultimate cryptocurrency tracking app with over 700,000 users that allows investors to view digital asset prices in real time.

The app facilitates hassle-free trading and asset management by providing the necessary market data and functions to synchronize user portfolios for a completely immersible crypto experience.

The crypto price and portfolio tracker aims to simplify the entire crypto investment industry for both professionals and beginners by integrating advanced tracking technologies into an easy-to-use interface.

The most prominent feature of the app is its proprietary crypto monitoring tool that allows users to easily track multiple digital assets. This function makes investing in digital coins / tokens much less time consuming and hectic; It eliminates the need for traders to keep up with changing developments on different platforms and exchanges.

CoinStats is also a truly cross-platform product that supports Android, IOS, web, Mac desktop, iWatch, and Google Chrome extensions. Here’s a look at the features that keep this revolutionary portfolio tracker fresh and relevant.

CoinStats: Making cryptocurrency trading a breeze

Investing in crypto can be complicated and tedious as traders are constantly learning and applying new market statistics. CoinStats simplifies the process and offers merchants unmatched flexibility through its advanced monitoring tools that offer a wide range of crypto account connections.

With the app’s tracking tools, traders can easily keep up with developments in the crypto space and make prudent investment decisions. For example, they can set up alerts for market moves like price pumps / dumps, project upgrades and many other market indicators.

CoinStat’s user-friendly interface allows investors to see all aspects of crypto at a glance. The supporting tools on this portal are vital for investors trying to navigate a seemingly endless barrage of developments in the industry.

Using this fully customizable dApp, traders can prevent data overload by only accessing the relevant details they need to create a prudent investment strategy in a fast-moving market.

CoinStats also allows users to store and access all new data in an organized way through the advanced filtering and sorting capabilities. In addition, the portal is tailored to ensure that users stay up to date on specific projects, news or the latest regulatory developments in the crypto sector.

Secure your exchanges and wallets with CoinStats

Crypto portfolio trackers need to be highly secure as they are linked to a user’s wallet or exchange. Incidents with such platforms succumbing to hacks are on the rise, with the recent Blockfolio security breach demonstrating the inherent vulnerabilities of such applications.

The CoinStats team is aware that the decentralization of cryptocurrencies makes tracking exponentially difficult. Because of this, they created a crypto portfolio tracker that puts more emphasis on security.

The monitoring portal’s public API supports only reading functions for user wallet balances without access to real funds. This security feature gives users the peace of mind that their funds will remain safe even if a hacker breaks into the application. However, no hacker has successfully violated the application to date.

CoinStats also provides cold storage integrations with Trezor hardware wallet support that adds a layer of security from online hackers.

Linking Your Crypto Exchange Accounts and Wallets

CoinStats offers versatile functionality that facilitates greater interoperability between exchange portals and portfolio tracking software.

The platform’s advanced monitoring protocols collect real-time pricing for over 8000 digital currencies from 24 leading exchanges and 34 wallets. The application as of late added a page for following DeFi portfolios.

Users can easily link their crypto exchange accounts via API to trading platforms such as Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Coinbase, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, and more.

Also, CoinStats allows users to sync multiple wallets and automatically track diversified portfolios and change funds balance over time.

This simple and secure crypto portfolio tracker can be downloaded online in your browser from both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.