Why Is Science Important?

Why Is Science Important?

Science is the most wonderful collective endeavor. It contributes to guaranteeing longer and healthier life, monitors our health, provides medicine to heal our diseases, relieves aches and pains, helps us to provide water for our basic needs – including our food, provides energy, and makes life more joy, including sports, music, entertainment and the latest communication technology. Especially, it nourishes our spirit.

Science creates solutions for everyday life and helps us to solve the great mysteries of the universe. In other words, science is one of the most significant channels of knowledge. It has a particular role, as well as many different functions for the advantage of our society: creating new knowledge, improving our education, and raising the quality of our lives.

Science must meet the societal needs and global challenges. Community understanding and engagement with science and citizen participation including through the popularization of science are necessary to provide citizens to make informed personal and professional options.

Governments need to decide based on quality scientific information on matters such as health and agriculture, and parliaments need to legislate on societal issues that necessitate the latest scientific knowledge. National governments need to know the science behind major global challenges such as climate change, ocean health, biodiversity loss, and freshwater security.

To face the challenges of sustainable development, governments and citizens must understand the language of science and be knowledgeable about science. Scientists, on the other hand, must understand the problems policymakers facing and strive to make their research results relevant and understandable to society.

Challenges today cut across the traditional boundaries of disciplines and stretch across the lifecycle of innovation – from research to knowledge development and its application. Science, technology, and innovation must drive our pursuit of more impartial and sustainable development.

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Science is not just about new technology, inventions, or new medicines. It is more than that. It’s a way the brain grows in getting new knowledge and helps us defeat our curiosity of how the world develops and works today. Do you have the answer for “why is science important?”. Science is important since it has helped build the world that we live in today.