Why dog chew their feet

Why do dogs chew their feet is the first thing which comes to mind, when, we notice this chewing habit of our dog.

Why do dogs chew their feet?

If you are noticing this habit then, find some time to observe your pup more in the sense that when is your dog chewing the feet? As a dog owner, you should also know that at what frequency your pup is chewing his paws.

Some good or bad reasons can be the answer to this question. To know the answer, keep yourself engage with the article until the end.

Reasons that why do dogs chew their feet


  • The clear reason why do dogs chew their feet is grooming. Most of the dogs find it interesting to take a tongue bath.
    However, dogs are not much possessive about their grooming like cats, but like to chew their paws.

  • The reason behind the licking or chewing is to keep the feet clean. Moreover, the chewing aids to unstuck offenders from their feet.

  • Infrequently, a dog chewing or licking both of its paws, is normal. While on the other hand if you notice that your dog is frequently chewing one of the paws, it can be an indication of any issue. Read more and add more to your knowledge about why do dogs chew their feet.


If, dog is frequently chewing his feet, do not ignore, because it can be an alarm to some allergy. If you noticed that, your pup is obsessed with chewing feet even during the walk, it’s an environmental allergy.

  • The environmental allergy can be due to grass pollen, dust mites, or maybe due to pesticides. The reason may vary from dog to dog, so enhance your observing sight.

  • To keep your dog away from these sorts of allergies, use hypoallergenic wipes for cleaning their paws. Try to follow this tip after each walk so that the dust will not cause allergy.

  • While mentioning about the allergies, let me throw some light on the food intolerance. Your dog may be allergic to some specific food, therefore notice what stuff he is having in his daily diet. Most commonly, Beef, chicken, and as well as dairy become the cause of the paw allergies in Dogs.

  • Behavioral Issues

Compulsive paw chewing can be a symptom that your dog is facing depression, boredom, or maybe anxiety. When dogs suffer from depression and related issues, cortical production takes place in their body.

  • To cope with this stress hormone, the dog chew their paws for getting a soothing feel.

  • Furthermore, in puppyhood, the dogs notice their mother’s habit of licking them. After, as the grown-up dogs, they just copy the behavior of their mother and chew paws. They replicate the behavior as a trick to calm down.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep themselves healthy. Animal behaviorist can recommend you some healthy tricks or activities to deal with mentioned issues.

A simple trick is to play with your dog and provide him the toys to cope with stress.


In why do dogs chew their paths, the next reason to explain is injury. There can be a possibility that your dog interacted with any injury and now chewing the only source for them to cope with it.
Here the injury causes can best of insect or any cut due to the sharp object. Move ahead and check the paws if you are noticing the frequent chewing, unstuck if there is an offender.

Additionally, in case of major injury, waste no time to approach the good vet.

Parasite or Yeast Infection

Chewing or licking the paw can be due to fleas, ticks, or maybe due to mites. Tick infestations are a growing problem in dogs, most common in the pups that walk in the woods.

In this way dog, chew the paws to get rid of the itching. Dog chew their paws to get a soothing effect while facing irritation. However, noticing the parasite is a tricky thing so keep checking your pup on daily basis and keep following precautions

Skin infection or yeast infection is the other reason for the dog’s chewing habit. When a dog’s skin becomes too oily, yeast infections take place and cause the infection.
After noticing, the dog is obsessed with chewing paws due to an infection, move to the Vet.

Dry Skin

Sometimes, change in weather and season causes the dryness in a dog’s skin, due to which the dog chews paws. Dry skin is another answer to “Why do dogs chew their paws”.
Nothing to worry about in this situation, just apply the lubricant such as petroleum jelly to vanish the dry skin feel


Ice melting salts can be good for your car tire but can be terrible for your pup’s feet. The chemical burn becomes the reason for the irritation in the paws of your dog.
Therefore, the dog chews its feet to cope with the irritation on the skin. The burn can cause the cracks in poor pup’s paw which results in bleeding or injury. For this situation, consulting the vet is a good option.


Most of the dogs chew their feet while facing any infection or dryness on their paws. Moreover, self-grooming by chewing their feet is another reason that why do dogs chew their feet. In winters or in case of any injury dogs start to chew their feet for the soothing feeling.

As the dog owner, we can help them by analyzing the exact reason and providing the related care. We can apply lotion or petroleum jelly on their paws to vanish the feel of dry skin. Moreover, check the paws to check that there may be something stuck in the skin. If the dog is showing irritated behavior while chewing its paws, consult the vet and ask about the proper medication. However, there is nothing to worry about when you notice your pup chewing its paws. That is it for “Why do dogs chew their feet”