Why Does Ryuk Like Apples

Why Does Ryuk Like Apples

Why does Ryuk eat apples? 3

I found that in anime. Note that Shyam Reek is attracted to eating apples, if he is not ionic. What is the explanation for this?

Apples are Ryuk's favorite food and he probably eats only one thing. He likes the apple of the human world because it is so juicy.

Reeves says apples are like ions to him, like wine to humans. Ryuk shows signs of withdrawal if he doesn't eat apples for a while.

These symptoms include rotating your Y in awkward and frustrating positions unless ordered to do so (i.e., find a hidden camera in a bright room).

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Ryuk's apple

The people of Shyam do not really need to eat anything! Also, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, Ryuk likes apples, he prefers apples to the human world because (correct me if I'm wrong) the kingdom apples of Shyam are tasteless and dry ۔

Not really much. Like Shyam, Rem loves love and Sadhu loves chocolate. Ryuk likes apples :)

Not more than that !!

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Ryuk ate apples because the original creators of manga and anime wanted a deeper connection between anime and biblical stories. In wheat, Eve (in the form of a snake) is forced to eat an apple that will give her knowledge and strength. Note: For Anime and Manga, the makers wanted to change the name, but dropped out of the concept. You and Reeve should have eaten apples because he had agreed to give birth to power. Apple means the transfer of power between people.

Why Does Ryuk Like Apples