Why Does My Mom Hate Me

Why Does My Mom Hate Me

Why does my mother hate me so much? 3

Well, I'm 14 years old. In addition to me, my mother has 2 other children, my twin children and an 8-year-old daughter.

My sister and I had to take a city bus (one way) and she would pick up my sister.

My brother is very nice To me he is small but still he beats me and yells at me when I am just trying to be good (brother). But he is very bad. He is 20 minutes older than me and has everything under the sun. Big used room, big TV, PlayStation 2, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, new Sony laptop and lots of computer and video games.

I begged my mother to buy me a printer so I could print my school work.

Whenever something happened that I knew it wasn't, he immediately blamed me. He yells at me all the time for no reason. He always gave me CS and told me to do something and I did it without any objection. My brothers were instructed to do something, but they never did.

My mother came to tell me why the clothes were not paired. ME when he was my brother c.

So I said (put brother's name here) it's my job, so I have to do it. I said I wouldn't.

And he kept telling me that when he said he wouldn't go, I needed my help and I did it myself.


I have a lot of CS, more than anyone else, and he wants me to do it for him so he can play video games!

My mother quit her job when my sister dropped out of school. I had to live with my aunt, but my mother stayed with me. My mother told me she couldn't find time for anything and she had to save it.

But after all, if he goes to work every morning from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. to cheer, he never goes to a game. He quit his job after the game. I did this for a year and when the show came he said he couldn't go because he had work to do. I worked happily just to see if he was angry.

I cried the other day because the girls were dancing at my school and my father really killed me. I have never met him in my life. So it really bothers me that all my friends can go and be born, but I can't because I don't have a father.

He told me to do it.

My mother hates me so much, I just know.

He called me useless because I like to be beautiful. I almost never use makeup, I only use mascara and lip gloss.

I greeted him every day, he never gave me back.

He calls my brother and sister an angel or a child, but he tells me the name Adrena.

I tell him everyday that I love him, he says.

Why does he hate me so much?

I don't want to show up there, but I'm really good and I try my best to do things and help.

That was too bad for me.

I had to see an ophthalmologist a week ago because I told him I had trouble seeing things from a distance. "She doesn't have time to catch me," he said. Whenever I say I'm not well, he calls me hypochondria. I don't think I have anyone to turn to, he doesn't have a character to talk to.

Sorry if it's too long, help.


PD: My sister is not my real sister, she has a different father than me. My mother basically met this boy, but he treated his daughter (my older sister) like a king and my brother and I treated him like a king. They've been together since I was 3 years old. He went to jail several times for killing me and my brother. I know my mom hates me because if she really cared she still wouldn't be with her!

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Wow, I'm sure no one will answer ... sorry, it took a long time ...

No, I love my mom, I don't want to be with anyone else! You need me Is there anything I can do to make it better? And why do you think he is different from me?

You're really under pressure, but I was under pressure about school and everything that happened to me, and he would never treat me the way he did.

* Virtual hug *

I was amazed to read and I can understand a lot. I can say nothing more than stay and you will become stronger and stronger soon. All I know is that it's not your fault and I've learned to use my friends as a family so it would be nice to talk to your friends. Your stepfather can't kill you and you'll know better!

forgive me. I know your sister has more stuff, mainly because she's older. And your sister Is she your mother's daughter? In that case, she is still your sister, actually your half-sister. My two sisters' parents are different from mine so they are my step sisters. Your sister can do all this because she is an only child. My younger brother has a video game console, his room is decorated with sports and basketball doors and equipment. The rest won't give a hint because all the nurses have to talk and she really doesn't have one. As is the case with others. Because you can do CS without objections and you do CS, it will benefit you more because it makes you more responsible.

As far as the boyfriend is concerned, he loved the boy so much that he did not mind killing children. These are things that happen in relationships where the parents are not there and hurt them, but the mothers do not believe them. At least he's still in jail. Also, he treats the girl like a king because she is his daughter and not you and your brother, my nephew's father treats her like he never saw her, but he treats her like a boy. Treats him in a way that has nothing to do with him (his son's girlfriend) as your biological child. I feel sorry for my nephew.

Okay fine. I thought you shared your feelings with us, now tell your mother. You never said you told your mother how you felt. I think you should write a letter with what you told us and how you feel and if it relates to you. Don't talk to him directly. A piece of paper can understand you without speaking, and it will take you away or stop you, hurting you even more. Write and attach a letter and write it on the front of the mother and place it so that she can always visit it (bed, refrigerator, jewelry box, etc.) so that she can take notes and read. I think you have done a lot of work and brought it to your attention, now write it down and tell it instead of showing it.

I want you to write this letter even if you don't vote for my answer, the best answer. I want you to do this and hand it over to him. If you read it send me an email and tell me what happened, if it doesn't work I'll think of something else.

Why Does My Mom Hate Me