Why Does My Heart Hurt When I M Sad

Why Does My Heart Hurt When I M Sad

Why does my heart ache when I am sad?


This is pressure.

It really hurts.

My emotions overwhelm me with pain, for good reason.

It's like feeling bad, so my pain is getting worse for no reason.

I understand Mike. I also have chest pains when I'm really sad. That hurts. I'm sure there are some scientific reasons that may seem medical and cold, but it's really your soul, your consciousness. It is the same, but different from it, the intense guilt and happiness that emanates from the same circle.

I've worked with Mike Miller before, we had Mike Miller Day on November 18, his last day. We kept talking about it, smiling.

Let me go to the left here. Have you ever heard of cycles? They are the centers of energy throughout the body. Your center rotates along the meridian (line) at the center of your Y. It is in your heart. When you are sad or emotionally traumatized, this cycle can be blocked or blocked if you want, whatever is causing the pain. The next time this happens, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and place your right hand between your hands between your chest. Lighten your hands clockwise and watch the light fall on your chest with your hands. This reopens the heart. Your excitement may still be crying, but your body will feel better.

It is caused by certain kidney functions and what really hurts when you are in a bad mood is not your heart, but your extremely painful nerve movements and diamonds contribute to your reaction. .! Only one man with neurological problems. Try to balance your good feelings from now on, be careful because too much does not make you feel good.

And nervous movements only travel from the spinal cord to the upper part of the spinal cord, which makes you feel sick at heart ...

Stress can break your heart, see a doctor.

When you are stressed, you release adrenaline or adrenaline, which can cause your heart rate to increase, which makes you more aware of how your heart is feeling. ۔

You are in trouble when something bad happens and you freeze and it hurts.

Why Does My Heart Hurt When I M Sad