Why do students need to set a goal for their lives?

No matter man or woman, old or young, everyone needs to set goals. If this only limited to young, some might be thinking, then it is fine, but what if the goals are to be prescribed for beyond the age. Then I probably want to draw their kind attention to the owner of KFC.

But the difference between a young and an aged person is the time of enjoying their wealth and health. Kids are more enumerative and justifiable when it comes to inventing things. The old mind can less or more articulate the things but represent a new term of technological inventions.

We all have goals that we want to achieve as students. Maybe it is to get straight A grades in examinations or maybe get into a particular university after high school or a vast paid job after college, or perhaps your goal is to pass your classes.

Through this article, I will put forward the divisional settings of goals for students when they are just a kid and what can we adults do to teach them to identify their goals.

By the end, the readers shall greatly impress with the financial terms to regulate their expenses as they move to achieve their goals through the medium of direct lending.

Circumventing the goals

Here I am mentioning the critical steps for setting goals for students.

Step 1 Select a Goal

This is one of the easiest steps. For example, you may have a goal to get at least a 3.5 CGPA in all your courses this semester. It is a great goal.

Step 2- Find your motivation

  • Why do you want your goal? Maybe you want a 3.5 CGPA to be eligible for sports. Maybe it is to get a decent college or perhaps it is just to keep your parents happy.
  • Whatever it is, the motivation will drive you to accomplish the goal, especially if you get discouraged.
  • Think of it as your reward for accomplishing the goal.

Step 3- break the goal down

  • So you want at least 3.5 CGPA, how are you going to do it? You can do it by setting smaller goals that build-up to the larger goal. This could be things like taking notes in every class, studying for at least an hour every day, no late assignments, attending every class, etc.
  • Though I cannot overemphasize this step’s importance but accomplishing goals is a lot like eating giant bread and how do you eat giant bread? One bite at a time of course.
  • Therefore, breaking a goal down into bite-sized chunks helps you understand what you need to do to reach your goal and give you the road map to get there.

Step 4- Write it down

  • If you want to accomplish a goal, then it needs to be top of mind. So you need to see it regularly actually every day.
  • Therefore write down the goal, motivation, and main sub-goals and post it in a prominent place.
  • This could be in your room, your car, bathroom or better yet all three.

These steps are the examples for the kids who are hopefully in their study life, and these steps could help them improve their style of Worthing every decision of life to maintain the flow of a decent life.

Imparts direction-

  • Goals give life meaning and direction. When you navigate your life without any goals, you ate much familiar with the hazards of it. It means you are functioning but without a real purpose.
  • Making taught the children about goal settings helps them break out of the automatic mode of seeing things for always and become proactive to sustain the sources and resources to find true meaning and direction in their lives.

It brings focus-

  • Goals create focus. It imparts a considerable benefit of having plans to keep your focus on the abstract or a task.
  • Childhood days are the most impractical days that is why most of the children face countless distractions.
  • The goals must be written so that the distractions could not stress us out.

Seeking accountability-

  • With goals, you can keep yourself accountable. What you can do is to review your goals regularly frequently.
  • When you do it, you are keeping the promise to yourself. That is the manipulative and concrete way to see and track your performance.

Final inference to conclude the above notions

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The competition for improving the standard of living ranging from better jobs to better health care is becoming the norm of the day. Like many questions out there, It is also gaining momentum: Why do students need to set a goal for their lives? Many of you may have heard the famous quote “ if you plan to fail, you are planning to fail”. It means that planning is extremely crucial if you really into achieving something meaningful in your life. Students should be ambitious and plan whatever they think they should be doing in their lives accordingly. Here are some pragmatic tools you can apply as a student:

Identify Interests:

Many students look down this super important indicator while planning their career. Interest is something which drives you in. Something which catches your attention and drains the least of your mental health. You love your work and each value added to your work makes you happy. Interests can be identified by doing different ways. Choose a set of things (jobs, subjects etc.) from your previous observations and experiments which added value in your life. Analyze each with utmost effort, you will definitely identify something which will direct you towards answering the question. It may not be so simple but its worth giving an attempt given the value it can add in your life.

Meet with Professionals:

By professionals I mean self-driven and successful individuals in your area of interests. Those who are adding value and contended with the value they are adding in the society. If you cannot interact them in person, try contacting them through social media or email. Reach out to them by all possible ways. Ask them what you want to know, ask for sharing their success stories and efforts they have made for becoming what they are today. It is necessary because visual inspiration is the best form of motivation that will last and affects you the most. It will help you to be more focused towards your goal.

Start Earning:

It does not mean you have to earn huge from the beginning. You just need to start earning. It will give you a tangible touch to your efforts. It will encourage you to invest more in your skills and dig deeper into your interests to open new horizons for earning. It will help you to make broader plans and realistic goals for years to come in your life.


Students should be planning and setting goals by identifying their interests, meeting with professionals and initiating earning as early as possible. These will definitely help them in pursuing their dreams and living a contented and happy life.

Why is it important for students to set goals?

How students should be setting goals?

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