Why Do People Eat Corn Starch

Why Do People Eat Corn Starch

Why do people eat cornmeal?

It could be a cocktail. Pika is a constant craving and compulsive consumption of non-food items.

People who bite are motivated and often eat non-food items such as:



Color chips


White board

Corn starch

Laundry flour

Sodium bike carbonate

Coffee beans


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Although some foods are harmless, eating unhealthy foods is considered a serious illness that can sometimes lead to serious health problems such as lead poisoning and iron deficiency anemia.

Eat starch

I had never heard of eating butter for life. It is used as a condiment for sauces, gravy, yogurt etc. But do you want to eat corn? Do you have a link or do you want a contact?

Eat cornmeal

Why Do People Eat Corn Starch

Why Do People Eat Corn Starch

Because it tastes good.

Have you tried Georgia Diet before, it doesn't have all those calories?

The soil tastes good and is eaten by many people around the world. Check:

I've always wanted to try Corn Start ... I'm currently eating powdered yeast. Yes, I am anemic.

Why Do People Eat Corn Starch