Why Do I Feel Tired After Mastur

Why Do I Feel Tired After Mastur

So don't you feel tired later? ۔

After masturbating, I feel very tired, lethargic and sleepy. Can I avoid it?

Too much is bad for your health.

Pre-need / is the main cause of ion problems. Shift or drop problems are also caused by overload (daily life falls into the overload category). Too much of it can cause facial weakness, poor eyesight, gray hair, low weight, headaches, general weakness, constipation, lack of AP, nausea, lack of preparation, lumps and many more.

For good health, take:

Gentle 1 tablet in standby mode only.

The second dose can be taken after a week.

Take the following medications for 68 months:

Ashwagandhi CNA can be taken two to three times a day with ghee or ni or with milk.

With water for two seconds after lunch and dinner.

Ashwagandhurst 2s with water after lunch and dinner.

· Divya Rasayan vati 2 tablets morning and evening with milk.

water water Sowing with water (you can take it all your life)

Keeps the capsule alive for 34 months.

Eat 2 bananas with milk after breakfast.

Isabgol straw (or natural stone treatment) with water for constipation.

Don't do that. (Or once a week)

Double the amount of ghee / ni / fruit / nuts / lettuce / cottage cheese / milk etc.

Exercise for about 30 minutes every day.

God bless you and me.

There is no other way to not feel tired later. This is normal and you can't help it.

Discover the side effects of

This is natural. Then try taking a cool shower.

Try it out if you go to bed on time.

Why Do I Feel Tired After Mastur