Why Do Cats Like To Be Spanked

Why Do Cats Like To Be Spanked

Why does my cat want to be trained? ۔

One day I was playing with my cat and, due to lack of good words, I raised him like a child and he loved it. The more I do, the more he squeezes and cries. Of course, I didn't do much because I didn't want to hurt him (and I certainly didn't want to defend him), but it got to the point where he always jumped on my lap and let me do it. She also has a friend who loves her. I don't really care, but I just want to know why cats like it! Basically because he likes it more! : S.

(And please answer me with SmartLeak, I've heard it all ...)


Edit: He likes it in his drink, it's close to his waist, his tail and his hips. It's not really yours ...

I think everyone likes it. One of me I think they live in the area and like it. There is no one. He will keep it to a minimum and will not make things as difficult as he wants to make it. Remember, he thinks he is playing with you.

Oh I saw it there! It's funny and incomplete, it's not easy to hurt, it becomes a robotic element. Some cats like it, some don't. I think he was kind to the cat and he needed to help save his return home. Trying to protect yourself by opening your palms to your feet is an impression that a cat gets when it eats. It feels smooth and pondy, it becomes a bit of a space (in the Cheetah Chat I found that some of the other videos have similar elements of human society).

My cat does the same. I scratched this area in front of his tail, in the hip area, and he was floating in the air and snoring loudly! But I think that's what they do.

When I first saw the question, I thought, oh again.

I also hugged my cat downstairs. He had no objection. It's a little touch of love! MDR

Why Do Cats Like To Be Spanked