Why are you suffering?

Have you ever wondered why you are suffering? Well, all the suffering comes out of the misunderstanding of who you are actually. You are God experiencing in biological form. You are the pure conscious electromagnetic energy, that is 100% creative by nature. You are never separate from God, instead, you are the one unique cell in God’s body. You are Nature itself.

Know who you are:

You are the part of the pervasive force you call God and you are here in a simulated physical reality game, to get more experienced and evolved. You stay forgetful of all these things as your spirit lies dormant inside unless activated and the consciousness from your spirit gets filtered heavily by its biological projection, you call the brain, giving you all sorts of optical illusions. This is how you keep yourself divided and compete and make conflicts with others. Start your day with a 5- minute meditation, where you reaffirm that you are so powerful and are the part of the Universe and feel grateful for your human avatar.

This is how you can get the muscle memory in this regard. You are the creator of your reality. If you think you are inferior and not so skilled or beautiful, you definitely get more and more of the same results and people will treat you the same way.

Final Thoughts

Change is something, you have to begin from inside and should get it reflected throughout your actions; otherwise you can’t call it change.
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