Why Are Sagittarius So

Why Are Sagittarius So

Why is Satarius so bad? ۔

Why is Starius so cruel that when he wants to hurt people he says whatever he wants. And why do they track everything and write it down in detail?

Satarius is connu to direct what he thought and not pass what he thought a little.

Why is Starius so angry?

Starius is not bad, he says, he should know, me and one of my best friends. So please don't say we're bad, we just talk about our brains and we're nests. What we say sounds bad, but we only say what we think. Find the stars and read the character traits next time, they say we are bad.

We always laugh and joke, so remember that Starius can be sarcastic too, not mean.

And there is beauty in us. We make people happy by making them laugh and go crazy.

So don't call him Starius in anger, he's not crazy.

Why Are Sagittarius So